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2013 Tour3rd Annual In the Light Festival2nd Annual Mount Shasta Conclave


Greeting in the name of the Most High, Love to All!

Schedule for 2013 Event

* 3 Days of Healing and Music on the volcano of MOUNT SHASTA! * Kids 12 & under free

* 629 Alder St. Mt. Shasta, CA * $65 for Weekend Pass * www.inthelightfestival.com

~ ~ For musicians, vendors, volunteers & visionary artists, email: SaintGmusic@gmail.com

~ ~ 10x10 booth space is $75 for the three days, reserve your space,15 vendor limit... OM

Special Guests: Kim Atkinson * Eric Mandala * Anton Mizerak
Friday Night-August 16

6pm-11pm (music) $10

Shambala Songstar
Carolyn Nayana
Michael Olsen
Daryl Shep
Jaris Dreaming
Anton Mizerak & Laura Berryhill (headliner)


Saturday-August 17

9am-3pm (workshops) $20

Yoga w/ live music (Anton M.)
Yoga w/ live music (Carolyn N.)
Shambala Songstar
Sakkara Heartsong
Kim Atkinson
Saint Germain

Saturday Night 3pm-12pm (music)$15

George Goodenough
Sebastian “Seabass” Edmunds
In The Light Orchestra (conductor: Kim Atkinson)
Ryan Marchand
Wada Foli
Eric Mandala
Saint Germain (headliner)

Sunday-August 18

9am-3pm (workshops) $20

Yoga w/ live music (Ken Abbott)
Yoga w/ live music tba
Rob Steveson
Didgeri Dave

Sunday Night

3pm-11pm (music) $10

Joshua Jerue
David Vert
Djin Aquarian
Nyabinghi OnHigh
Shambala S. & Carolyn N.
Didg Dream
Ken Abbott
Eric Siems & Friends (headliner)


Location: Community Building, 629 Alder St. Mt. Shasta, CA
Presented by ManiFestival Productions with Saint Germain

Thank You All, For Being Who You Are!
In One Heart, In One Family, In The Light!



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